adjustable bezel ring

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This simple bezel ring will be filled with your breastmilk, placenta, or ashes.

  • price is for one ring
  • sterling silver
  • bezel is 8mm
  • adjustable band is best for 6-9 sizes
  • tapered band is about 2mm thick 
  • please allow for the possibility of additional 4-6 weeks processing time

*Thank you for the photos Keleigh!


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    I love this ring!

    Posted by Keieigh on 23rd Aug 2022

    I love this ring! It’s actually much larger and more well made than I expected from an adjustable size. It also works especially well for me because I have larger knuckles and I can adjust it to go past that and then close it down more snugly after that. I’ve included a few photos that I did my best with for my home set up. I hope some are helpful. My 13 year old and I were just looking at these photos from yesterday… and we noticed how much detail on the swirls of milk is visible in this shot! It’s so lovely :)