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No comparison needed.

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In light of the recent attention surrounding breast milk jewelry please allow me to clarify a few things...  

I am the original creator of breast milk jewelry.  I started my business in 2002, and many years of trial and error were under my belt before I ever offered this service to the public.  Over the course of the life of my business I have greatly perfected my technique, and the designs you see available today on my website is the quality you would expect when trusting something so personal to someone for preservation. 

I take great pride in what I do, and I can't help but take comparisons to copy cat "crafters" to heart.  It hurts me that someone would plagiarize my thoughtful words, take my photos, illegally trademark my name, and even copy my logo and website design in hopes that customers would get confused and purchase from them.  I am not, nor will I ever be in partnership with anyone else.  I work by myself, and my husband helps me with my accounting - that's it!  I am not operating my business with the hopes of becoming famous, or profiting immensely.  I could care less if I wind up on the Today Show!  I do this with great honor that I am helping people capture a treasured memory, and I'm truly grateful that I am able to provide for my family while doing something so meaningful.  

On top of my good values I will also mention that you are dealing with someone who has nothing to hide.  Trust my reputation and you will see that I am just a mom who is trying to use my gift to do something good in this world.  THANK YOU isn't big enough for how grateful I am for all the support! 


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