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Order storage and organization.

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I've had some questions regarding how I keep the orders straight.  Well it's always evolving as my business grows, and I hate to admit it, but I do have a touch of OCD so I'm always upgrading how I keep things organized.  

Once your package arrives in the mail I immediately take a moment to note the date in which it arrives on your invoice for my records.  I also update the order status page on my website so that you know I have received it in the mail along with updating your account status on my website (you can find more information on your account status by checking the FAQ page under "have you received my milk?").  If I am unable to start processing the milk in that exact moment I file it the way it was received, package and all, in my orders received box.  Your milk (or ashes, hair, etc.) stay in the mailer you sent it in along with your notes/invoice until I am able to start the processing.

From this step I proceed to the actual processing stage of your milk.  Your milk is processed separately, one sample at a time apart from any other samples, and remains tagged with your unique Order ID number at all times.  I never process multiple batches within the same time frame, this ensures there is no possible way to mix up samples, and leaves no room for error.  Your Order ID is the same number you received when you completed an order on my website.  You will find this number at the top left of your invoice under "Thanks for your order".  This is a special number and will never be repeated for the life of my business.  Your milk sample will be tagged with your Order ID from it's liquid stage upon arrival, through it's processed solid stage, all the way up until I send it off to you!  I keep your order invoices and notes that you have sent me in envelopes in a pending file box all labeled according to your Order ID.  This box is only reserved for orders that I am currently working on and are in progress, and is thoughtfully guarded by E.T. :)

When your milk needs resting time it is placed on the drying racks, again labeled with your unique Order ID.  You can see here I have quite a few trays going at once.  Each tray holds an order that is various stages of processing such as milk beads curing, milk beads ready for resin, or final resin pieces curing.  They were all started individually so stages will vary.

As mentioned above, some are in the curing stage as shown here for Order ID 746.  The bracelet needs just another day or two to cure and then it will be shipped to Angeline along with her little beads.  I can easily see the tagged Order ID #746 and pull her file to retrieve her invoice and order instructions.

Once your order is completely cured and ready to be packaged and shipped I keep any processed milk left over as a courtesy in case of shipping loss, error, or future purchases.  It's nice to have that security because often the milk I receive is the very last drop you have to send!  As shown here I keep the semi-solid, or uncured milk in tubes labeled with the Order ID.  That way if need be down the road it is an easy transition to create a piece with the prepped milk.  Similar to the "pending" step above, I also keep the invoices and notes in files with the labeled Order ID number to keep everything organized.

After each 100 orders or so space is needed and I am rotating the stored milk once again.  This is usually after a few months or so and the old stock is destroyed in order to make room for newer orders that have been processed.  

I hope this explanation and photos have helped with any questions you've had regarding my storage and ensuring your milk pendant is in fact YOUR milk.  I have tried to explain this as clear as it is in my head, but it's possible I missed something!  :)  Please ask any questions, and if you are considering adding another piece to your collection and I still have your milk I always offer each additional piece at 20% off so don't forget to use the coupon code HDDMD at checkout!  

If you have purchased a memorial piece using a lock of hair, ashes, or placenta I always return those items back to you with your finished pendant so the storage examples of this explanation will not apply to your order; however, I do use the same organization as mentioned above using the Order ID.

For further information please check out my FAQ page, or contact me!