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Shipping Breast Milk.

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Shipping your breast milk is easier than you think! I have some tips to help you send the appropriate amount you need for your order in a way that doesn't upset my mail person! :)

Breast milk storage bags will always be the best way to ship your milk. For most items I only need a tablespoon for up to three pieces. I recommend shipping by double bagging in a breast milk storage bags. If the original bag happens to leak, the second bag will catch the rest. 

You may place the bag in a letter envelope but it's helpful to sandwich it inside card stock or cardboard. The weight of the bag can shift during the mailing process making the envelope weak and often tears by the time it reaches me.

It is not necessary to ship your milk on ice or dry ice. Your milk is not being consumed and it is perfectly fine to use for creating jewelry. It is certainly not necessary to ship in a large box or cooler and doing so will make your small package more expensive.

I ask when you send in your milk that you include your invoice or a note with your order information. Often times people will include this note within the milk bags so if the milk happens to leak it smears the ink and discolors the milk. Please make sure your invoice or note is outside all bags so this is not an issue.

Only label the outermost bag. That way if there happens to be any leaks in the bag that contains the milk, there is no discoloration due to the ink getting wet.

Did you know that I take orders world wide. International orders are received daily and never an issue as long and they are packaged appropriately. 

Sending your milk in a bubble mailer, double bagged with breast milk storage bags will always prove to be the very best way to ship your milk. Never send more than one ounce of milk, it simply isn't necessary unless you are ordering numerous pieces at once or the product description requests more than what is standard. Do not use bottles of any kind or bags with a zipper type closure, they ALWAYS leak.

Adding some air to your exterior bag as this customer did is an excellent way to give your package a little extra cushion without adding to the weight of your package.

 I hope this post helps make the process of sending in your milk a little easier. 

If the thought of sending in your milk still intimidates you, I also offer shipping kits for domestic orders. 


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