Keepsake Care

Keep it dry! 

Water can dull and discolor your keepsake over time. Always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and sweating!

What about perfumes, lotions, oils and/or sweat? 

You'll want to add your keepsake as the last step in your getting ready routine, to avoid product buildup. 

Not wearing your keepsake?

Simply store it in a clean and dry place. The packaging that it came in or hanging on a jewelry stand are both great options but sitting on the humid bathroom counter near the sink is not!

Components and some settings used for your keepsake can start to develop a patina over time. When you do start to notice a little tarnishing, you can always bring it back to life by:

Wiping with a clean cloth:

For when your piece just needs a little love. This wipes away everyday build-up, and restores a little life back to your jewelry. Always store in a cool, dry place.

Buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth:

This will remove any tarnish, and you'll have a nice shine afterwards. Be extra careful around the milk setting making sure you are using a clean spot on the cloth. You can find my favorite jewelry polishing cloth here!

When all else fails:

In some cases when an oops happens your piece may need to be refinished or reworked. Please contact me to see if this is an option for you.