Order Status

Please refer to this page for updates on your order. 
  • DO NOT offer individual order updates
  • this page is updated several times each week
  • current processing times are anywhere from 4-12 weeks from when I receive your package, larger orders could be longer
  • plan on an additional 4-6 weeks processing time for custom and fine jewelry orders
  • your account status will be updated to "shipped" once your order is complete
  • names will be removed once your order has shipped
  • you will not receive any order updates between the "processing" and "shipping" automated emails
  • names appear in no particular order
last updated 7/15
Tisha H SLCH-NICU-01
NICU 8575
Sarah B
Kati F 8790
Charles S 8783
Lisa N 8788
Bridget V 8789
Kendra K 8440/8792
Lindsay R 8787
Emily C 8784
Hannah M 8782
Adrian L 8779
Amanda B 8778
Samantha M 8775
Ngoc B 8773
Rebecca H 8756
Michael A 8735
Catrina A 8718