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Order Status

Please refer to this page for updates on your order.
.  this page is updated several times each week
.  current processing times are 2-6 weeks starting when I receive your package
.  I DO NOT offer individual order updates
.  this page is updated several times a week and as time permits
.  your account status will be updated to "shipped" once your order is complete
.  your name will be erased once your order has shipped
.  names appear in no particular order
last updated 10/21
KD Milk Bank 6682
Pamela S 6722
Joshua S 6714
Alexa G 6716
Claire G 6726
Rachael B 6356 RM
Melissa R 6710
Amy K 6705
Jasmine E 6717
Rachel M 6653
Inna C 6701
Chelsea V 6712
Meredith C 6692
Maloree H 6698
Nathan F 6703
Rebecca P 5972
Ara C 6656
Aeriel N 6702