Donation Request Guidelines

Who qualifies to request/receive a donation?

Non-profit organizations hosting fundraising events
Groups or individuals hosting benefits/fundraising events

For your donation request to be considered, please complete and submit the form below at least four weeks prior to the event. If you do not receive a donation two weeks prior to your stated deadline, it means I am unable to grant your request. If you have received a donation from in the past, please be aware that donations for the current year may vary from previous year’s donations. 

I do not provide monetary donations. Due to the high volume of requests I receive annually, requests will be denied once I have maximized my donation budget for the year. One request per event/program will be considered, and I ask organizations to limit their inquiries to one request per year. 

If your donation is approved I require the commitment of being the ONLY Breast Milk Keepsake Artist with a donation offering for your event. I also require it to be mentioned that I am the Original Creator of Breast Milk Keepsakes. Please keep this nonnegotiable request in mind before submitting your form.

Fill out my online form.