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General Questions.

Have you received my milk yet?

Track the status of your order by logging into your account in the upper right hand corner where it says "My Account".  On the left side click on "View Order Status".

  • "Awaiting Fulfillment" means that your order was received and I am now awaiting your package.
  • "Processing" means your package was received and your order is in production.
  • "Awaiting Shipment" means your order is complete and ready to ship.
  • "Verification Required" means there is a question regarding your order and your response is required in order to proceed.
  • "Shipped" means your order has been shipped and you should see a tracking number for shipping.

 If you do not have an account you can also check the "order status" list I have posted. You will receive an email notification once I have received your sample and your order is marked "processing". You will receive another automated email with tracking once your finished order has shipped.

I am NOT able to give individual order updates. If you must know the moment your package arrives to me you should purchase tracking and monitor that yourself. Packages I receive are picked up several times a week. 

Do you offer a discount for multiple purchases? 

Yes! You will receive 10% off two items, 15% off 3 items, or 20% off 4 or more items when purchased at the same time. Discount is automatically calculated for you at checkout. This does not include special order, prototype, items from the extras section, gift certificates, or DIY kits.

I have placed multiple orders, can you refund the shipping costs?

Due to the heavy order volume I receive daily, I am no longer able to combine orders. It is very time consuming to go back and match up orders and process individual refunds so in order to increase efficiency all orders will be shipped separately. To avoid any extra shipping costs, please place your order in one transaction. 

Do you have any current promotions? 

I always offer the multiple purchase discount. I do occasionally offer further discounts so be sure to like my Facebook page and Instagram for product updates and promotions. 

How do you make a Breast Milk Jewelry? 

They are intricately made in a multi-step process which includes plasticizing your milk, mixing, curing, and hand sanding. I do this in such a way that no additives are used in the process or turning your milk to a solid state, leaving your very own breast milk in it's purest form. I further encase and protect your breast milk in jeweler's grade, crystal clear resin. The resin preserves your milk and protects it from wear and tear. This complex process has developed over years of perfecting my technique, and requires many steps. I also offer a DIY kit so you have the option of making your own milk bead at home. This is not the same process I use in my studio, however. 

Is resin toxic?

The jeweler's grade resin that I use is not a toxic product. In fact, it's the safest epoxy you'll find, it does not contain chemicals which produce dangerous off-gassing that can lead to chronic issues. There are no solvents, nor any nonylphenol, which is a dangerous chemical contained in Part B of most other resins you'll find. 

Where can I find more product pictures? 

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

I would like to add on to my order but you've already sent it, do I have to send you more milk? 

Not likely! I now keep your milk on file for up to a year after your order has shipped. I do this because of many reasons such as if your package was lost or destroyed during shipping, order error, additional orders, etc. Better safe than sorry, and for many mamas this is the last of their milk supply so it would be unfortunate if I couldn't reproduce a pendant because of these reasons.

Will you ship any unused milk back to me?

Once I receive your milk I process your entire sample. I will not send back your unused milk, but I do keep it on file for up to a year. 

I have an idea for a piece, will you do it? 

It's possible!  Please submit any custom requests here.

Do you offer returns?

Because of the nature of my hand-crafted items, NO refunds are offered. I do not remake items based on layout, design, or how the milk fills a certain piece. It is your responsibility to be as specific as possible with your requests when ordering and thoroughly read the item descriptions. Photos are a general guide, and although your piece will resemble the photo, it will not look exactly like it. Please keep in mind that this is an extremely delicate process, and each piece is very unique. The outcome will be different each and every time, that's a promise. 

Items such as pearls and beads will have a raw edge and will not be perfect and smooth like commercially made beads because they are hand formed. A natural reaction between the milk and resin will create tiny bumps and craters on the surface of your bead. This creates a very unique, organic appearance and adds to the remarkable character of your very own milk jewelry.  

I do however, guarantee my work. I hope you can appreciate the uniqueness of your very own breast milk jewelry.  

Please make sure you have the required amount of milk to send BEFORE placing your order. I typically ask for a tablespoon of milk for up to three pieces unless another amount is requested in the product description. I will grant a refund on orders up to 30 days after purchase that have not begun processing.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase, redeem, or check the balance of an existing gift certificate on the "Gift Certificates" tab in the upper right hand corner of my website. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount.

I really want a pendant, but I'm afraid my significant other won't get me the right one!

I now offer a "wish list" feature! When you create a secure account on you can add, edit, and share your wish list with your family and friends. Simply log into your account and click the little heart to favorite your pendant and add it to your wish list. Don't forget to let them know your ring size!

Sending Your Milk.

Where do I send my milk to have a pendant made?

Once you complete your purchase the shipping information is in the yellow box of your invoice that is automatically sent to the email you used at checkout. It may take a few minutes for it to reach you after you submit your purchase. Be certain you enter the correct email address for your daily communications at the time of your purchase. I am not able to alter your email address once your order is placed.

How much milk do you need?

I will need approximately one tablespoon of milk for up to three pieces unless the product description mentions otherwise. DO NOT send more than 1 ounce of milk per bag, it will leak! If your order requires 2 ounces please package 1 ounce per breast milk bag, double bagging each bundle. I can work with as little as a teaspoon for the smaller pendants and charms, however you will need to be sure your milk is packaged very carefully to prevent leakage during shipping. 

Can the milk be old?

Your milk will not be consumed and is perfectly fine for creating a pendant. I have made a pendant for a mom with milk that was over 30 years old with great results. 

How should I package the milk?

The easiest, most cost effective way is to send one tablespoon of milk double bagged inside a card or card stock. Include a note with your name, order number, item(s) ordered, and any special requests with your package - or just print your invoice to ship with the sample. This is important and ensures order accuracy. 

Do not send more than 1oz of milk, and do not ship in bottles of any kind they always leak. No need to overnight the package, and please do not request signature confirmation, it will only delay your sample getting to me as I'm often not available to sign. Make sure appropriate postage is on your package. 

If all this is overwhelming you can just purchase a shipping kit found here if you are in the USA.

I also created a blog post on shipping milk that you may find helpful.

Should I ship on ice?

No, you do not need to preserve the milk in any way. Ice and dry ice are not necessary and will only make your package heavier and more costly to ship.

Won't the milk go rancid?

Your milk will not be consumed and is perfectly fine for creating a keepsake.

Can I send frozen milk?

Yes, fresh or frozen milk are equally good. If frozen please consider thawing before sending or including paper towels in the package to absorb excess moisture. DO NOT send more than 1oz of milk, it always leaks!

Does the Post Office allow the shipping of breast milk?

Yes, they certainly do!

What method and carrier should I use to ship the milk to you?

You can send in a small bubble mailer or letter envelope using whichever carrier you choose. First Class shipping through USPS for under 13oz is an inexpensive method, however with only a tablespoon of milk you can easily sandwich the bag in card stock and ship in a letter envelope. Just be sure appropriate postage is on the package or it will be returned by my mail person.

Take the guess work out of shipping and purchase a shipping kit found here if you are in the USA.

Lost or stolen packages are not the responsibility of the seller.
*Please double check your shipping address prior to placing your order.
*Monitor package progress using provided tracking number to avoid this issue.

Is shipping my milk to you included in the cost of the pendant?

No, shipping expenses to me are not included in the purchase price but it is fairly inexpensive and easy to ship. See above or purchase a shipping kit found here if you are in the USA.

Do you take orders from overseas?

I do! I have been taking orders worldwide since 2002 and receive orders from overseas daily without complications. 

I have a low supply, how can I get enough milk?

Consider hand expressing for such a small amount of milk before digging out the pump. Generally, I can work with almost any amount you send and if for some reason it doesn't fill the piece you have chosen I will work with you to find a better solution. Please do not stress about getting enough milk, I am here to help! 

Sending Your Memorial Fillings.

Where do I send my lock of hair or ashes to have a pendant made?

Once you complete your purchase, the shipping information is in the yellow box of your invoice that is automatically sent to the email you used at checkout. It may take a few minutes for it to reach you after you submit your purchase so you may not see it immediately. 

How much do you need?

I only need a small lock of hair and about a pea sized amount of ashes per pendant. I always send back any unused with your finished piece.

Is shipping my package to you included in the cost of the pendant?

No, shipping expenses to me are not included in the purchase price but it is fairly inexpensive and easy to ship. Simply send in a letter envelope.

Processing Times.

How long does it take to make a pendant?

Generally, it takes approximately 4-10 weeks to create your piece from the time I receive your milk/fillings unless otherwise posted on the order status page. Keep in mind that smaller pendants and charms take much less time to create than the larger, resin pieces that require more curing time. During peak ordering seasons processing can be greatly extended at times.

Do you take rush orders? 

I do! At checkout you can select "VIP" or add it to an existing order here. With this VIP upgrade your order becomes my top priority and will be completed and shipped within 14 business days after receiving your inclusion. Service is available for the USA only, express 1-2 day shipping is included, and this service is non-refundable. Please keep in mind some exclusions may apply and fine jewelry may take an additional 2-3 week for processing.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary. I use USPS and standard shipping within the US is 3-7 days, and Priority shipping is 2-3 days. International shipping takes anywhere from 2-10 weeks or more depending on your location. 

Can I meet with you to discuss my order or pick up in person?

My schedule does not allow for personal consultations or local pick up/drop off at this time. Email is my preferred method of communication, or use the chat feature on my website in the lower right hand corner.

When can I expect a reply from my email?

If you haven't received a response within 2 business days please reach out again. To avoid delays please contact me at and include your order number if available. This helps me keep inquires organized, and in one place.

Care & Quality.

How do I care for my pendant?

Avoid exposing your keepsake to water, excessive heat, direct sunlight, and chemicals such as lotions and perfumes. Your milk bead is placed within resin that makes it water resistant. It will survive a sprinkling of rain but should be removed for showering, swimming, hand washing, exercise, etc. Exposure to these elements can dull or discolor your milk overtime and tarnish the setting. When not in use, store in a cool, dark place in the original packaging if possible.

Many of my keepsakes are are dainty pendants strung on delicate chains. Treat these items with care as pulling or tugging may result in loosening or breaking your piece.

If you ordered an item in a metal setting, metal can tarnish. To bring back the original shine simply buff gently with a soft, lint-free cloth. These cloths work great for shining up jewelry.  

Do you solder jump rings on pendants?

Although these pieces are secured with strong jump rings, any pulling or tugging may result in loosening the rings or breaking the chain. These are delicate items and should be treated as such. Findings cannot be soldered due to the resin and milk. The soldering process would melt and alter the appearance of your piece. 

What color will my milk bead be?

The color of your bead will be the color of your milk. When deciding to order your Milk Pendant please keep in mind that every sample of milk turns out differently. The color of the milk bead can also be a mix, or swirl of different shades. Your milk is thoroughly mixed before the creation process begins solving any separation issues that naturally occur; HOWEVER, some milk tends to separate more than others. This persistent separation results in the two-toned pendants where you might see a bright white and cream mix, either swirled or spotted. Again, the result just depends on your sample of milk, and the natural separation of fats as the milk is cured.

Think about it.. If color variations did not exist then you can almost guarantee that your real milk was not used. A smooth, pure white milk bead wouldn't make sense because human milk is not like milk in the carton - human milk is less rich, or more watery, than the milk of mammals whose young nurse less often.

Tiny bubbles may also be visible in your pendant due to the reaction between the milk and resin. This is unavoidable, but every effort is used to try an keep bubbles to a minimum. A subtle shimmer is also added to each piece. 

Will my milk bead change colors over time?

No, your Breast Milk Jewelry should remain as lovely as the day you received it. If proper care is given (see above), your pendant should be as beautiful as the day it arrived to you. 

Will my pendant look exactly like the photo?

No! That is the beauty of hand crafted items. No two pendants will ever be a like because every one's milk is different. Just like you, it's uniqueness and beauty is naturally one of a kind. 

I take pictures in natural sunlight, and they a true representation of the pendant. Feel enlarge and examine the pictures carefully, and be very specific when placing your order if you have a request. The milk bead placement may differ from order to order. If you have a specific preference on where/how the milk beads are placed within a pendant please include this in a message with your order and in the note along with your milk. If you do not specify, the placement will be at my discretion. I do not remake pendants do to miscommunication on bead placement, and I simply do not have time to check in with each client. It is your responsibility to be clear on details. 

Keepsakes such as pearls and resin beads have a raw edge and will not be perfect and smooth like commercially made beads because they are hand formed. A natural reaction between the milk and resin will create tiny bumps and craters on the surface of your bead. This creates a very unique, organic appearance and adds to the remarkable character of your very own milk pearl. I hope you can appreciate this exclusive little gem! 

Background colors will vary from the color on your digital screen, that is a promise! If you are unsure about the color please ask or choose a clear background. Resin will also darken the color slightly. 

Some pendants I offer stamping and part of the art of hand stamped jewelry is that each letter/character is hand stamped by the artist (well, me). All of the letters will not always be lined up perfectly or come out looking exactly the same....that is part of the charm. However, if you are looking for something that is completely uniform and in a perfect lined up pattern, you will need to look for machine engraved pieces.

How do I know MY milk was used?

Something special about the way I operate is I work alone. I don't have staff because I believe too many involved hands creates more room for error. I can ensure you that your milk is processed individually from start to finish and I am the only one who handles your inclusion. Your milk remains in its original packaging until your keepsake is prepared, and then it is given a unique ID to ensure accuracy. 

I will put great care and respect to preserve YOUR milk as an everlasting keepsake for your precious nursing experience. I would expect the same in trusting someone with something so personal. From one mama to another, you can trust me! 

Please check out this blog post regarding my process. I am always perfecting and upgrading my system, but this gives you an idea of how I work.

Fun Facts.

When did you start your business?

Hollyday Designs was born in 2002.

Where did the name Hollyday Designs come from?

Well my name is Holly, and when I was little I used to tell people my middle name was Day. My real middle name is Dayle after my Dad, Dale, but Holly Day sounded so much neater!  :)  I also wished for my name to be Aimee ha!

Did you breastfeed?

Yes, I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding. I nursed my oldest Jack until 15 months old, and he self weaned when I became pregnant with Joseph who I nursed until 2 years old. I also cloth diapered and wore my children in slings when it was unheard of in my town. I remember getting stares, but now you see it everywhere - that's awesome!

Where are you located? 

Hollyday Designs is located in central Illinois, born and raised.


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