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USPS is significantly delayed due to COVID-19 and the state of our country. Please keep this in mind when purchasing this kit as this is meant for convenience and although it is generally shipped within 48 hours, it can take more than 3 weeks to arrive during this time.

This kit includes everything you need to get the appropriate sample size of milk to me safe and secure. Please read the description below to ensure you are purchasing the correct size. Shipping kits are not mandatory, just convenient. 

**These kits are NON-REFUNDABLEplease throughly read the description prior to ordering.**

  • USA orders only
  • DO NOT purchase kit alone, this needs to be attached to an order
  • kit is meant to be purchased WITH a keepsake or in addition to a preexisting oder
  • if you are purchasing this kit to accompany a previous order please include your original order number
  • shipping kits are generally sent within 48hrs
  • shipping kits do not have tracking, but tracking is provided for the pre-paid shipping label used to send in your milk

The shipping kits are meant to be tied with an existing order. This is how I keep orders organized in the system and free from error. I DO NOT accept milk samples that don't have an order in the system. If you do purchase the kit by itself without a previous order number I will cancel your order. 

Choose the correct size kit:

  • Kit A will ship 1 TABLESPOON of milk for up to three pieces (unless stated otherwise in the product description of the item)
  • Kit B will ship 1-2 OUNCES (this is ideal for larger orders or orders with larger pieces that require more milk such as trinket dishes)
  • Kit C will ship TWO SEPARATE samples of milk that are up to 1 tablespoon each, or 1 ounce total (this is for orders that require different milk samples for different pieces)
  • Kit D will ship 2-4 OUNCES (this is ideal for larger orders or orders with larger pieces that require more milk such as trinket dishes)

Your kit will include:

  • shipping packaging
  • one prepaid shipping label
  • order invoice 
  • 2 double zip breast milk storage bags to double bag for Kit A & B, or 3 double zip breast milk storage bags for Kit C
  • label(s) for your breast milk storage bag
  • instructions on exactly how to package your milk

DO NOT send more milk than what your kit holds as this will delay or halt delivery due to insufficient postage. It's important you measure your milk sample for accuracy. I do not offer returns or refunds for shipping kits due to sender error and/or postage due.

Your kit comes with a tracking number that is traceable on and it is your responsibility to write that number down if you need to know the moment it reaches me. I do not offer individual order updates. Once I enter your inclusion into the system you will receive an automated email update that sates your order is now "processing". You may also check for updates on the order status page. Current processing times are listed there as well. 


  • 5
    Made my life easier!

    Posted by Deanne on 2nd Sep 2020

    This was perfect for taking all the guess work out of sending my milk and avoiding a trip to the post office. Worth every extra cent!!

  • 5
    super convenient!

    Posted by Daniella W on 9th May 2020

    This is so simple and easy to use. As a busy mom, everything I needed to do was listed out for me and I didn’t have to make any extra trips to the post office!

  • 5
    great add on

    Posted by Aly on 14th Mar 2020

    Recommend this add on to anyone who hates going to the post office. So convenient! Saved time and stress, I wasn’t sure if I knew how to properly send my breastmilk and this made it a breeze.

  • 5
    Made everything easy - worth the cost

    Posted by Lindsay on 21st Oct 2019

    This kit made it easy for me to ship my breastmilk without worrying about if I was going to do it correctly, or having to go to the post office or anything. It’s also reasonably priced considering the postage is already paid for you. It was worth spending the money on it!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2019

    So worth the purchase. Everything was spelled out and included and made shipping quick and easy. Highly recommend buying this!

  • 5
    so easy

    Posted by [email protected] on 16th May 2019

    It made shipping my breastmilk so easy!

  • 5
    it made it very easy

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2018

    I’m glad I bought the postage kit ! It made it so easy !

  • 5
    Made it Simple!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2017

    Im the kind of person who needs as many instructions as possible. Having this kit helped me to know exactly what to do, and how to do it, and it was just pop it in the mail and GO! It was exactly what I needed.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2016

    Made sending in my breastmilk a breeze, perfect instructions. Worth it!