Rainbow Maker Sun Catcher Memorial Sticker

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My original design sun catcher sticker will transform light into an explosion of multiple hues throughout your space. It is crafted with the most colorful holographic film option that creates a gorgeous spectrum of color. The unique radial shape has sharp clear lines and the rainbows are more saturated.

The text on the sticker reads "when you feel me in in your heart, just look up. i will be right there." A copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem is included. Every time you see a rainbow it will serve as a reminder that your buddy is with you always. This sticker also makes a fantastic gift.

To use simply apply your sticker to a window with direct sunlight and see pinwheels of vibrant color fanning your room or car. Rainbows created with this sticker will vary and you won't always see the same results in the same room. Weather, seasons, placement, and the direction of sunlight all play a factor in the rainbow clarity and outcome.

  • price is for one sticker
  • measures 4 x 4"
  • sticker is one time use so please be thoughtful with your placement
  • holographic design and pattern placement will vary with each sticker
  • not to be reproduced, for personal use only
  • please let me know if you would like a copy of the pet memorial Rainbow Bridge poem included


This sticker is intended for one time use to be applied on a window. The back of the sticker contains a strong adhesive but can be removed when finished with the sticker. Any residue left on the window after removing the sticker can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Removing a sticker can cause damage to the ink and should only be removed when the sticker is no longer wanted.


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    My friend just lost her baby

    Posted by Chole on 16th Jan 2024

    I purchased this sticker for my best friend who recently lost her baby. When I went for a visit I couldn't believe how many rainbows it made!! She said it makes her so happy, thank you for creating this!