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Jewelry Care


  1. Keep it dry!

    • Water can dull and discolor your keepsake over time. Always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, and sweating! 

  2. What about perfumes, lotions, oils and/or sweat?

    • You'll want to add your keepsake as the last step in your getting ready routine, to avoid product grease or buildup. 

  3. Not wearing your keepsake?

    • Simply store it in a clean and dry place. The pouch that it came in or hanging on a jewelry stand are both great options but sitting on the humid bathroom counter near the sink is not!

Components and some settings used for your keepsake can start to develop a patina over time. When you do start to notice a little tarnishing, you can always bring it back to life by:

  1. Wiping with a clean cloth:

    • For when your piece just needs a little love. This wipes away everyday build-up, and restores a little life back to your jewelry. Always store in a cool, dry place.

  2. Buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth:

    • This will remove any tarnish, and you'll have a nice shine afterwards. Be extra careful around the milk setting making sure you are using a clean spot on the cloth. You can find my favorite jewelry polishing cloth here!

  3. When all else fails:

    • In some cases when an oops happens your piece may need to be refinished or reworked. Please contact me to see if this is an option for you.